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About Sparks

"Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes"

Sparks Sunglasses was formed in the heart of 14 year old Kayisha Thomas, as she roamed around her all girls high school in London. Day after day, she wore her sunglasses on her head and soon became known for that very thing. With her own personal collection growing, she wrote 'Sparks Sunglasses line' in a note on her BlackBerry smartphone at the age of 19. She was living in Orlando Florida, the Sunshine State of the USA, and knew she would one day make it happen. Fast forward 10 years (YES! Ten whole years) to 2019, Kayisha celebrated her 29th birthday and started making plans to finally bring the dream to fruition. She worked tirelessly night and day for months to create her first collection and on May 19th 2019, Sparks Sunglasses was launched. 


Sparks encourages you to care about the invaluable health of your eyes. We provide sunglasses that are LIMITED EDITION, GLAMOROUS and EXCLUSIVE. We guarantee you summit quality sunglasses that are Stylish, Fashion Forward and protect your eyes from damage. All Sparks come in a hard shell case with a micro-fibre cloth for cleaning and full protection.


Sparks Sunglasses Modern Fashion.jpg

           Kayisha, the Sparks Sunglasses owner has a genuine love and passion for sunglasses; she's basically a #SunglassesLover and her obsession organically attracts like minded people also known as The Sparks Family. Each pair is designed to ensure individuality, style, class and eye care are not compromised. Sparks caters to your shady needs and it's done with love. Step out and confidently love and protect your eyes from the sun, whilst wearing flattering frames that elevate your look and accentuate your facial features. Shop SPARKS and level up in life and fashion!!


Follow us on Instagram: @SparksSunglasses and Facebook: Sparks Sunglasses and subscribe to us on YouTube: Sparks Sunglasses. Read our customer reviews on Google here. For more information, feel free to contact us, chat with us below and for frequently asked questions, please click here FAQs

World wide delivery - LIMITED EDITION sunglasses - Sparks Exclusives
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