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Look and feel awesome in creatively detailed and LIMITED EDITION sunglasses, Say no to squinting in the Autumn sun. Choose a pair of undeniably stylish shades.

Harvest Vibes

One of your favourites will be our Harvest Vibes sunglasses. Shade your eyes like royalty as you wear these eye-popping, juicy plum purple frames with black gradient effect lenses. Turn heads with that extra burst of colour, style and panache. That's right, flamboyant confidence!

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Success Flame

Take in the overwhelming beauty of our Success Flame sunglasses. The flaming hot orange frame and black lenses will add some sizzling heat to your outfit of the day. It's time to show off your daring side with a little help from these super stylish, vintage inspired, fashion statement, orange square sunglasses.

Raise The Bar

Our Raise The Bar sunglasses have crystal clear, transparent frames and smokey grey translucent lenses that were designed to ensure the optimal clarity and crispness of your vision. They will brighten up your face and give you a fresh look. These sunglasses are virtually unmatched, and are definitely a must-have pair.

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Boss'd Up

Meet the Boss'd Up sunglasses. The light and dark chocolatey brown, tortoise shell, rounded square sunglasses will immediately give you a boss'd up attitude, crank up your cool and make a statement wherever you go. They are guaranteed to add style and a dash of flair to your outfit.

Our goal is to protect your eyes, boost your confidence, encourage self-care and make you and your loved ones smile in your Sparks Sunglasses! Our products are perfectly designed and carefully crafted to block harmful UVA rays, whilst being your favourite, high quality, very stylish and fashion forward accessory. They have been tested in the Sunshine State of Florida, Paris the capital of France and the often cloudy streets of London. No matter where you are, you won't want to leave the house without them.

Sparks Sunglasses Exclusives Polaroids.jpg

SPARKS Exclusives

The Sparks Exclusives are 2 visibly striking, and incredible pairs that are embossed with the signature SPARKS S initial. It's a delicate, gleaming Sterling Silver pendant with fine details and beautiful craftmanship by Tehila Designs (Jewellery Designer).

Why Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is over 90% pure silver and we want to provide, excellently high quality jewellery sunglasses that will look brilliant well into the future.

Don't miss out on a pair of LIMITED EDITION, branded Sparks Sunglasses. Add a pair of show-stopping, unbeatable Sparks Exclusive sunglasses to your personal collection today.

Sparks Bright Glasses Cleaner

*Crystal clear, grease and smear free sunglasses and glasses

*Made with real, all natural Peppermint

*Aromatic, antiseptic and antibacterial benefits

*Conveniently sized in a 30ml sustainable glass bottle

Don't forget to add a bottle to your basket!

Sparks Bright Glasses Cleaner.jpg


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