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Sunglasses And Nails Are A Match Made In Heaven


turtle shell sunglasses and press on nails

If anyone ever said "Sunglasses and nails have to compete with each other!", they were out of their minds. Sunglasses and nail designs are two wonderful elements that don't have to co-exist or even go head to head; they can collaborate with each other and complement each other because they are important and spectacular in their own right. They add the sass and the sweet juicy cherry on top of an already strategically put together outfit. And that's why there's absolutely no competition. They are better off working together, like Sparks Sunglasses and Gem's Extensions have decided to do.


Sunglasses are a fashion statement, but more importantly, they are a vital part of practicing good eye care. Press on nails are also a fashion statement, and they have become more popular recently because they are safe, easy to glue on and are slowly taking the place of a fresh coat of nail polish. 

Sunglasses come in different shapes, sizes, styles, colours, materials and of course most people have a preferred type. Aviator/ Pilot, Retro, General Blaze, Tea Cup, Classic Old Skool, Oval, 80's style, Rectangle, Round, Square, Mirrored/ Reflective lenses, Wayfarers, Clubmaster, Triangle and Semi-frameless. The list goes on because new styles pop up all the time.


Press-on nails also come in a variety of styles and they make the possibilities endless. You can get Round, Square, Rounded Square, Oval, Squoval, Coffin or Ballerina, Almond or Stiletto-Shaped Nails. The choice is yours and that also applies to the length, pattern and colour.

If you really think about it, sunglasses and nails are two accessories that when they are done right, they make a big difference to your overall look. In my opinion, sunglasses will always be in a class of their own but when you pair sunglasses and nails together, you can get the perfect match. Oh and wait, that’s what this post is encouraging you to do with the help of Sparks Sunglasses and Gem's Extensions.

 pink sparks sunglasses pink nails


No matter what type of sunglasses you prefer or whether you’ve never had press on nails before; 2021 is clearly the year of newness, of never done before, never seen before and so it’s time to step out of the box; jump out of the box or just leap.

With sunglasses and nail designs, you can take your fashion sense up a notch, up another notch and then you should keep going because by doing that you keep your fashion aesthetic exciting and fresh. Who wants to look the same year after year. Life is about evolving and if you do that from the inside out, you can actually make history with your style and with your personality. Life is also about being as unique as your fingerprint, and you never know, you could be featured on Essence's Best Dressed Creatives On Instagram blog.

 purple sunglasses purple press on nails



You could have an all-white or an all-black outfit and make a bold statement with vibrant nails and bright vivid sunglasses that actually match each other. You don’t know how well colours complement each other until you pair them together and create something new.



The Sparks Sunglasses Catwalk Collection is OUT NOW and we have a 50% OFF sale that you don't want to miss! Sunglasses are so important because not only do they scale your outfit, but without a shadow of a doubt, they love and protect your eyes. And you know that the Sparks Sunglasses goal is to protect the invaluable health of your eyes from the damaging UV rays of the sun. Sunglasses fall under the luxury fashion category and some pairs require you to be bold enough to wear them. Either way, the result is you looking fly and being responsible at the same time. Sunglasses have the amazing power to accentuate your natural beauty, to emphasise the shape of your face and to make it even more noticeable. Yes, they cover your eyes but they heighten the essence of your smile. Who would pass that up and WHY???

 red sunglasses red nail art


Gem's Extensions highly recommends you grab their no fuss Press-on sets. You get a 20 piece nail tip set, mini nail file, nail glue, nail tab and a cuticle pusher. You really can't go wrong! Press on nails should be your go to because the other alternative, known as acrylic nails actually weaken and damage your nails. They make them thin and brittle but press on nails don't cause harm when applied and if removed correctly, they keep your nails strong and healthy. Ideas and designs that you have in mind can be manifested especially for you because @gems_extensions on Instagram can customise your nails, making you even more unique. You can jazz them up and get different embellishments that make them ornate and beautiful.



Just look at the fly and sexy nail art and perfectly they go with the stylish Sparks Sunglasses. I want you to be inspired because this is a great way to blend beauty and confidence, whilst creating an eye catching nail set and head turning shades combo.


 Gold sunglasses and nails

Get ready for some fashion, style and perfection this summer with Gem's Extensions nail designs by @gems_extensions on Instagram and elegant shades by @SparksSunglasses on Instagram.


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