Spring Is Officially Here

It's Spring 2022 And The Sun Is Coming Out

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It's finally Spring YAYYY.

After a tough, cold, windy, wet and slightly white (Winter); we deserve the change in the season. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall; we always have to be grateful for life and the opportunities we have to enjoy this life; but I'm sure you will agree with me when I say "Spring and Summer make life that much better." When Spring starts to break through, everyone gets into a BIG mood like Wizkid. If you don't know what I'm referring to, you have to listen to this. WizKid - Mood 


So, today is Sunday 20th March 2022 and the official start of Spring. The past year, month and week has been tough for the world, not just because of Winter and the wind beasts that we experienced in February, but also because of the global pandemic that's still rearing its ugly head and the unprovoked war. Let's hope that the fresh start that Spring brings, the newness of nature, the bright colours and good vibes that come along with Spring will transform our lives in a positive way.

Fashion this year is different. There's a different energy this year. The Spring colours this year are different but guess what, the flowers are the same. Every year I'm in awe at just how amazingly effortless the reappearance of Daffodils are. I think it's incredible how they just Spring back into our lives with their yellow petals. But I also think nature on it's own is just incredible. 

Sparks Sunglasses - Zayla shades

Now the Sparks Sunglasses, The ICONIC Collection has been available since February 20th 2022 and I'm so pleased that the Sparks Family is growing and loving their shades. The ICONIC Collection is Limited Edition but it's still encouraging you to love and protect your eyes whilst you strut your stuff in unique and very stylish shades. I'm excited for you to dress your face in Sparks Sunglasses this Spring because they are guaranteed to make you smile. That is our ultimate goal, so thumbs up to us for being successful with that thus far! I'm waiting for a few more Sparks Selfies from our family members in their sunglasses, but for now the gallery is popping. Go check it out - Sparks Family Gallery

Mother's Day is next week, and we're giving you the opportunity to bless your mum with a pair of Sparks Sunglasses. We have a 35% OFF sale and all you have to do is use discount code SPARKSMUM at check out. Your mum deserves to be stylish and trendy too.

Mothers Day is coming treat your mum to some Sparks Sunglasses for 35% OFF

"Thank You Very Much!" to everyone that has purchased a pair of Sparks Sunglasses since the start of our journey. Were approaching 3 years and your support means the world to me. I love the fact that you're looking after your eyes. Keep an eye out for fresh Spring look book blogs, they are coming soon!

Sparks Sunglasses - Chance Shades 

P.S. The Spark Sunglasses The ICONIC Collection is super LIMITED EDITION so each frame is only available whilst stock lasts.

Sparks Sunglasses

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