Safety First This Summer 2022

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It's June 19th! Yayyyy! That means it's officially Summer 2022 in 2 days! Yayyy again! We've been waiting for this, for what feels like 2 years. After losing Summer 2020 and 2021 to COVID-19 and the worldwide lockdown, everyone is eager to get out of their homes. We Outside for real this year! People are super excited to live their lives this Summer, but at the same time we have to be smart and realise that although we want to have fun and enjoy the long awaited arrival of the sun, safety must be a number one priority. Coronavirus is not 100% a thing of the past yet, so health and safety has to come first, regardless of what the government says. 

Below are 6 tips to make sure you enjoy Summer 2022 and stay safe whilst you do it.

Keep your hands clean

Ensure that you clean your hands with antibacterial hand wash, use wipes and hand gel if soap and water are not available. Germs spread on hands, so keep your hands clean, especially when eating food. After touching door handles, pressing buttons, using machines and touching money; make sure you find a way to sanitise your hands.

Stay in a cool, shaded area

After being in the house for months, it's important to absorb Vitamin D from the sun safely. Stay cool and enjoy your friends and family this Summer in the shade.

Keep yourself hydrated.
All year round it's important to stay hydrated. Your body requires a certain amount of water to function properly. To help you get the correct amount of water that your body needs daily, you should sip on water at regular intervals throughout the day. You can drink flavoured water with fresh fruits to ensure that you don't get dehydrated and thirsty.
Enjoy Family Time Safely
Work to make any cookout, barbecues, pool parties and beach days safe. The idea is to avoid crowded areas and small spaces that don't allow for 6 feet/ 2 metres between you and the next person. The government have relaxed COVID-19 rules right in time for the heatwave and the Summer holiday, but you still have to be cautious and you must put you and your families health first (vaccinated or not). For some, this might seem extreme since you go to BBQs for the food, but it would be wise to supply your own food, drink and utensils.

Wear Sunglasses To Love And Protect Your Eyes
Your eyes are sensitive, they are valuable and need to be protected. The wise thing to do is wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UVA/ B rays from the sun. Day and night, it's important that you put the invaluable health of your eyes first and wear suitable sunglasses. The Sparks Sunglasses ICONIC Collection is OUT NOW and we have a 45% OFF BIG Summer Sale. Check out the full collection in our store and take your pick. We'll get you set for Summer! 

A few more tips to help you out this Summer...
*Continue to social distance and wear your mask whilst inside and in close proximity to other people. We must still be on high alert, and use precaution day to day.
*Wear clothing that's loose and light in fabric and colour. Too much dark clothes attract the sun and make you hotter. 
*Don't overdo it - It's Summer, the sun is out so work, play, and exercise a little lighter than usual. You don't want to have a heat stroke.
*There is no need to wear a mask whilst running, riding, scooting or driving by yourself. It's safe to not wear a mask when doing these activities, especially if you're by yourself.
*Stay informed. Know the signs and symptoms of heat overexposure, and educate yourself so you know what to do in an urgent situation. Be knowledgeable on first aid.

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