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So, I was singing along to Angel's Run This track from his Possession With Intent album the other day and the lyrics "Take that black hoody off and get a summer outfit" kept playing in my head for hours after. They are the words of Sneakbo whose featured on the track, and although the two of them are so London, (Angel is a fellow West Londoner) the lyrics are so relevant for the world. Summer is officially here! Even though some of us are still on lockdown, a lot of us are bursting out of our home clothes, PJ's and ladies, were putting our bras back on. YAYYYYY!!! LOL!!!

Now, because of that, you know what I'm about to do. Let me inspire some of your Summer 2020 outfits, whilst showing you which pairs of Sparks Sunglasses from the newly released Summer Vybz Collection goes with each outfit. We all need a bit of outfit inspiration every now and then, a little bit of motivation to get us out of our usual fits, so check these out so "you can run this party, come through and turn up this party" in the words of Angel.

Oh and I've been scouting Instagram for weeks and got some fashionable looks from some of the most gorgeous Fashionistas on my timeline. I feel honoured and privileged to have these ladies featured in my blog, so hopefully they inspire your Summer 2020 looks, no matter where you are in the world. And don't forget to do it all whilst wearing Sparks Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes. Looking after your eyes especially whilst the sun is at its peak, should be your number 1 priority, so let Sparks help you do that.

sparks sunglasses devynistyles style influencer orlando florida

Devyni - @Devynistyles in Florida, USA looks beautiful in this colourful, printed maxi dress. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Aviana shades. They are great for getting all the attention in a graceful and stylish way.

sparks sunglasses, nikkiandtees, all shades of denim, instagram

Nikki - @Nikkiandtees in Lagos, Nigeria looks super dope in her denim crop top, shorts and all of that natural hair. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Kai 1 shades. They give a bluer than the ocean feel with their round, frameless and reflective lenses. 

sparks sunglasses, bmorebrave, brave williams, singer, actress

Brave Williams (Actress, Singer and Fitness Guru) - @Bmorebrave is looking sharp and extremely stylish in her @Littlemstyle olive green trouser suit and a super sleek on fleek braided ponytail. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Zayla shades. They have a chameleon effect, so the round reflective lenses change colour with the light, but also have a stunning rose gold frame. Check out Brave's new signle Options on iTunes and watch the video on YouTube. 

sparks sunglasses, missdemsxo, content creator, fashion stylist

Miss Dems - @Missdemsxo in London, UK is sitting back, chilling and looking cool and casual in her royal blue crop top, grey shorts and fresh sneakers. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Kai 2 shades. They are black, bold and blue for a Fashionista like you.

sparks sunglasses, lovefromsimi, fashionista, makeup artist

Adetosimi - @Lovefromsimi in London looks naturally beautiful and oh so comfortable in her patterned top, coral green stretch pencil skirt and bright white sneakers. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Ziva  shades, they are oversized, elegantly shaped and wrapped in a gold frame.

sparks sunglasses, kayisha online, uk author, boss babe

Kayisha aka me - @Kayishaonline in London is soaking up the sun in an EXCLUSIVE Love baseball t-shirt from the Sophisticated K Tees collection and a pair of blue jeggings. Nothing is more comfortable than a baggy tee in the hot sun. And of course the perfect pair of Sparks Sunglasses, that clearly match the outfit are the Cace shades; red, gold and hot like the sun.


I said that lyric was playing on my mind for hours, but really it was the whole song. "She ain't got a dress like yours, don't you see them trynna dress like you, you ain't gotta try too hard..." A few days later I had an all Angel music day, then when I logged into Instagram, his photo came up first on my timeline. I commented "I've been listening to your music all day. Currently playing Time After Time." and he liked it. Woooop Woooop!! That was a good moment, I've been wanting to do a photoshoot with him since Go In, Go Hard and Wonderful days back in 2012. Believing that it will happen one day, but for now make sure you head over to the Sparks Store and order your favourite pair from the Sparks Sunglasses Summer Vybz Collection. Once they're gone, they're gone. That's what LIMITED EDITION means.


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