Male And Female Fall Fashion Lookbook


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Art and fashion can definitely collide this Autumn, because fashion is art and art is fashion after all. And wait, isn't it nice when couples match!?! Whether it's on purpose or just their loving connection that caused them to choose very similar outfits. It's always a nice visual.

Well anyway, now that Autumn is here, we need to start wearing more and more layers. The temperature is dropping and it's wet and brutally windy. As well as that, the leaves are falling and it’s getting chillier at night. Why not do this season with your boo/ bae/ baby in style with creative colours like the leaves (orange, green, yellow, brown and red)? In this season we can create beautiful, bold and striking outfits, each with incredible stories and emotions to accompany them. Date nights could be a walk around the block, or a picnic on a bench in the park, but why not dress to the nines? 

Big over-sized jackets, baggy jeans or the still much loved skinny jeans, large sweaters, platform sneakers or boots with the fur (don't tell me the Flo Rida song didn't just come to mind), and obviously the coolest accessories. By that I mean bags, sunglasses, hats and gloves of course. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like cold hands and I still need to love and protect my eyes in the Winter.

Fashion Is Power!

The great thing about fashion is that it is powerful. It has the power to influence life, change the culture and improve the times were living in. The proof is in the pudding; H&M recently did a campaign with different American Artists to inspire people to vote. And wahaay, look at what just happened in the US Election. History has been made!

I like clothes that truly incorporate art and graphics or make a great positive statement, so I’ve teamed up with Sophisticated K Tees and Visionary 126 (a new clothing line) to inspire you with graphic tees that make you stand out. You can express yourself through clothes and there’s no harm in doing that at this time of the year or consecutively for 365 days. Broaden your horizons as a fashionista and take the wold by storm when you step out the door, especially when you're with your life partner.


I also hope these hand picked Autumn essentials encourage you to match with your loved one and ultimately be #CoupleGoals.

Ladies first, so here's the Ladies Fall Fashion Lookbook.

sparks sunglasses autumn lookbook

"She Got Mad Hustle And A Dope Soul" t-shirt by Visionary 126 and Sparks Sunglasses - Akila

Men come next, so here's the Men's Fall Fashion Lookbook

mens fashion, mens lookbook, mens wear, mens style, mens sunglasses

"POWER" t-shirt by Sophisticated K Tees and Sparks Sunglasses - Aziza


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