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A Milestone To Celebrate

Posted on November 24, 2020 at 7:15 AM

18 Months And On A Roll! My Baby Is Walking!


I am BIG on celebrating, and I say that because I see the importance in acknowledging your milestones and achievements. I love celebrating my birthday and normally have at least 3 celebrations. I celebrate my book release anniversaries (as a Published Author, the journey year after year is worth celebrating). Now I've got Sparks Sunglasses, so here goes...


After 10 years of waiting to bring this dream to fruition, I am so pleased to say that Sparks Sunglasses has been in business for exactly 18 months. November 19th 2020. It was back in 2009, when I was in Florida and I wrote in a note on my BlackBerry Curve "Sparks Sunglasses Line" that the journey started. At that time, I didn't know how, when, where, how much or any of the details that would go into having the said sunglasses line; but I knew I wanted it. I had already given it a name.

Fast forward 10 whole years and May 2019 comes. I came up with the day I wanted to launch and of course, my proposed launch day was fast approaching. I had my stock. The day the door belI rang, and I ran downstairs to open the door for my delivery is a day I will NEVER forget. I was in Florida (the smae place where I initially wrote "Sparks Sunglasses Line), and my website was getting ready to be released and shared with the world. Everything was happening and then the 19th May 2019 arrived. The Sparks Sunglasses online store was open for the world. My dream had officially come true. My patience was a virtue. The time had come and BAMMM!

It has literally been an absolute joy and pleasure to provide top quality, stylish sunglasses that love and protect my customer's eyes. And here's what makes it even better... I haven't received one complaint from any of my customers. In my first year, I sold 20 pairs of sunglasses. I have had return customers, bulk buys, international customers, referrals and EVERY single customer has been HAPPY! As a result of that, I have been happy! It's such a RAW, unreal feeling when you know that you are doing something right, you are providing quality and you are satisfying your customers. It feels great to know that you are bringing joy to another human being. And so I repeat, I couldn't be happier.

I want to say Thank You SOOO Much to the Sparks Family for the support (Check out all of the smiling faces in the Sparks Family Gallery)! Without them, their trust, their love of sunglasses, their desire to love and protect their eyes 18 months wouldn't be worth celebrating. Cheers to 18 months, 18 years and more ����✨����✨��❤️


And by the way, until Friday 27th November 2020/ Black Friday ALL Sparks Sunglasses are half price. That is 50% OFF. Scoop up your favourite pairs of sunglasses before they're gone. Limited amounts are available and some of the Silver And Gold Collection is already SOLD OUT.

P.S. I don’t want this to just be about me and Sparks Sunglasses, so I want to flip the script and turn the table on you. I want to encourage you; not only to never let fear and doubt be a stumbling block in your life, but also to never let anything stop you from living your God given purpose. Don't allow completing your assignment and reaching your destiny to be halted by fear, haters, doubt, finances, knowledge; the presence of these things or lack thereof. Don't let those things cause you to put your dreams on pause. Don’t give them get the satisfaction. You have the power to make great things happen, so believe in yourself and one day you could be celebrating 18 months.

Sparks Sunglasses


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