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The Sparks Sunglasses Story

Posted on May 14, 2020 at 12:50 AM

The History Of Sparks Sunglasses

The story goes a little something like this...

For years during high school, my friends thought I was a tomboy because I never crossed my legs like they did. By the way, I went to an all girls school in London/ West London. They thought I was a tomboy because I wore sports bras and not just on the days we had P.E. I also didn't wear a skirt with my school uniform and most of them did. I went to car show events with my dad and siblings every year, and always went back to school after the weekend, anxious to talk about the amazing cars I saw and the celebrities I hung out with. I wasn't showing off, I was just excited about the things I was interested in. I used to go to the Choice FM radio station with my sister, to chill with the DJs that I liked and I did that instead of going shopping and getting my nails done with them. I was comfortable with the things that I loved to do, and those things made me who I am today BUT so did something else that I loved.

When high school was over, I had passed my GCSE's with flying colours and I was no longer restricted to wearing my navy blue trousers, a white shirt and navy blue EWS jumper; I found my own style. My own style consisted of a banging outfit and included creative hairstyles and sunglasses on my head. Yes the rest of my outfit was important, trust me I literally had my own style but the neck up was significant because I did my very natural hair in ways that would allow me to wear my sunglasses on my head all day. I was in Sixth Form, still at my high school, but we didn't have a uniform. I was free to express myself whilst wearing my own clothes and accessories. Because of that, I started collecting sunglasses and people began to know me around school as the girl (remember All Girls School) with the sunglasses on her head. No one else was doing it. I was 16 years old and I was a Trendsetter. Autumn, Summer, Winter and Spring, I wore my sunglasses all year and I loved it. It was my "thing". I have so much photos of different sunglasses on my head; it makes me think that I never actually wore them on my face, but I did.

I was also called "Number one station for hip-hop & r&b" that literally went in my year book, but what I loved the most was that once again, everyone knew me for being the girl with her sunglasses on her head. I took that with me as I transitioned into adulthood. People admired my sunglasses collection all the time and some wanted the pair right off my head, but that couldnt happen, so instead I bought sunglasses as gifts. When I was 19 years old, I moved to Florida USA, from London UK with my sister and that's when it happened. I was in the Sunshine State of Florida. Let me say that again. The Sunshine State of Florida. I was known for my sunglasses and I moved to a State that was known for its sun. How ironic?!? I took all of my sunglasses with me when I packed up and moved and I took even more photos with my sunglasses on. This time I had them on my face a lot more. Maybe because there was more sun in Florida than there was in London. No shade London, I do love you! Anyway, my BlackBerry Curve was my electrical best friend. I wrote my first unpublished book on my BlackBerry. I took so much photos on it and made use of every feature that was available to me, I loved it. With that, I had the notes app on it and I had created a vision board type note that I called "My Life and Beyond" I listed all of the things that I wanted to do. The list was extensive, I won't share everything with you but a few of the things I wanted to achieve/ experience were "Have a very successful book or two, learn spanish or portuguese, jet ski, fly in a helicopter, be a Photographer and so much more.” I achieved a great portion of the list, but there's still things that I need to do. When I tell you I'm so pleased that I ticked "Sparks Sunglasses Line" off the list, I'm so pleased.

In January 2020, I did the 10 year challenge on social media along with everyone else in the world, and instead of it being about me and my evolution, I made it about my love for sunglasses and when the Sparks Sunglasses seed was planted. I did that because I came to the realisation that I had planted the seed in 2009 and made it official in 2019. 10 whole years. At that point I didn't realise that it started before 2009 (proved by the first collage of photos), but I was acknowledging the fact that we make plans but ultimately it's God's timing. Trust God's timing!

At the end of 2018, October to be precise, I decided that it was time that I made my dream to have a sunglasses collection a reality. It was always at the back of my mind, but I was always focusing on something else. At first it was my photography (2011 - PCBphotography), then it was my YouTube channel (2015 - Sophisticated K but now K London) and then it was my books (2016 - I'm a 5x Published Author). I finally decided that no more distractions, no more putting it off I'm going to do it. I started putting money away so I could get my stock, and not let finances be a reason why I couldn’t do it. Then on April 17th 2019 I placed my order. I was so excited. You don't even know. The next day I was flying to Florida for my yearly return and I bet you’re wondering, but you just ordered your stock. Yep and I requested that it get delivered to Florida, so whilst I planned to stay for 4 and a half months, I could be working on the Sparks Sunglasses line (the name that I coined 10years before) in the place that I had written down my goal.

I felt like I had come full circle. I got on the plane on April 18th 2019 and vlogged my journey. It was absolutely beautiful and all the while I was just eager to receive my box of sunglasses. I had dedicated so much time to finding the right wholesale company because I wanted to provide the best quality sunglasses. I don’t know if you’ve picked up on it yet, but I just love sunglasses and the idea that I was about to have my own collection was unreal. I kept checking the tracking and all of the custom details kept being updated. I kept calling my sister back in the UK, nervous because I didn’t want it to be held. I had set my launch date, I had built my website but was just waiting on the sunglasses to arrive so I could decide which pairs would go on the homepage and which ones were going on the store. I had also started promoting on social media and I was adamant that the launch day was going to be 19th May 2019. I needed that parcel to arrive. Day after day I checked the tracking system and it was getting closer. When it finally came, the doorbell rang and I ran downstairs. I didn’t care how I was dressed or what my hair looked like, I just needed to open the door to receive my stock. It was one of the best parcels I had ever received and to receive in Florida was even better.

I ran upstairs with the box, took a photo, cut it open and started going through each one. I filmed as I scrutinised them and fell in love in person. Looking at photos is one thing, but now I was holding them, turning them around and seeing the colours of the lenses. It was an amazing feeling. I had stock. I was about to be an official online retailer. I also had a lot of work to do BUT you know how the saying goes.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

That is so true! The parcel arrived on April 29th 2019 and I had about 3 weeks to get everything in order. I worked night and day, but I wasn’t working because I was enjoying it. I was literally in my element. Launch day was approaching, I kept tweaking the website until I was happy with it and I kept praying for God to guide me right. I didn’t tell a lot of people what my new venture was. I wanted to stay anonymous BUT I soon realised that, that wasn’t the right thing to do so in December 2019, I shared with the K London YouTube viewers what I was working on and I showed them that I got my second stock delivery. This time I was in the UK. I was proud of my new business so I didn’t want to be anonymous anymore.

Whilst in Florida I met some amazing people that helped me promote and people that made me realise that success is on the horizon. I drove around with the sunglasses, and some ladies from Georgia that I met in Jacksonville, FL did a Facebook Live as I took photos of them in their favourite pairs. At that point I was supposed to be anonymous, but they were broadcasting me for all of their friends and family to see. I kept coming up with new ideas to promote, to uplift and inspire, to educate people and to encourage healthy eyes. Sunglasses are about fashion these days, but more importantly they are about loving and protecting your eyes and that’s why that is my slogan.

Sparks Sunglasses To Love And Protect Your Eyes

I posted blogs, I setup a Facebook page and followed hundreds of random people, I created a YouTube channel, I have a Sparks Family Gallery on the website, I encourage you to take Sparks Selfies so you can be added to the family gallery, I post inspirational quotes and behind the scenes clips, I celebrate milestones and thank people for their support. I also post regularly on social media, which means constantly creating content. I put heart and soul into my packaging because I want you to experience something great when you receive your Sparks. My aim is to make you smile. And when you smile, I smile even more.

The first year is coming up and sunglasses have SOLD OUT, sunglasses have TRAVELLED, and I have had OVERSEAS orders. All of that in my first year is amazing. Throughout this first year, I have never thought “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” Like I said before, I realised that it was all in God’s timing and the timing is perfect. I would have loved to do an event for my first year BUT thanks to the Coronavirus, were in quarantine and on lockdown but I’m going to celebrate because I’m pleased. I’m also happy, I’m appreciative of the support I have received, and I look forward to serving more people, dressing more faces and helping more people to love and protect their eyes the stylish way. Cheers to year 2 and beyond. Oh and thanks for reading this, it could actually be a book of its own, but really I just wanted to share the real story with you.

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