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What Are The Spring 2020 Colours

Posted on April 13, 2020 at 4:10 AM

Colours That Inspired The Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

There's an array of colours in the rainbow, as you can see above.

Sing it with me now...

"Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue.

can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too."

I used to love that song as a child, and actually it's so relevant to the season that were currently in. Not only is it Easter, so Happy Easter Monday!! Love and blessings to you!! We hope you had a great Easter weekend. Rainbows show us that God keeps His promises to his children, so let's keep believing that. 

We have 5 new selections and 10 new shades that make up the Spring/ Summer 2020 Sparks Sunglasses Collection. Colour is so important, there is power in a colour, colour sets the tone of an outfit, the tone of an environment and inspires your mood. Because of that, we want to make sure that your sunglasses match your fly and keep you smiling bright this season.


The Spring/Summer 2020 season is what we've all been waiting for. Each year the colours that are in, changes, but this year we have a bunch of richly saturated colours that look like the rainbow exploded. But wait, that's a great thing because you want stand-out colours, jolly and exciting colours and colours that make you feel good. Amen to that, don't we all just want to feel good. So that's why this seasons colours have inspired the Sparks Sunglasses Collection. We're giving you bright, vibrant, in your face and go after life with zest sunglasses. Basically were bringing flavour to your Spring/ Summer. After all that's happened/ is happening, we do need it.

Golden Saffron - Sunset Selection

A beautiful golden colour, named after the expensive and luxurious spice, it spells summer and not only is it rich; it indicates strength and courage. This selection is chic, sleek and as bright as the sun.

Turquoise Mosaic Blue - Skye Selection

A slightly greenish, blue shade with a mix of pale blue and green. It is refreshing, calming and joyful and this selection has bold frames but the lenses are bright, deep and as graceful as the open sky.


Sunlight Pink & Peach - Rosabelle Selection

A gentle and delicate pink/ peach that evokes happiness, unconditional love and compassion. It's pleasant to look at and injects pure joy. This selection is cheerful, polished, elegant and rose-tinted.

Candied Plum Purple - Candy Selection

A representation of the actual plum fruit, it is warm, fierce, powerful, ambitious and royal. This selection is mysteriously tinted, luxuriously purple and is the perfect eye candy.

Tangy Burnt Orange - Eva Selection

A tropical, sunshine filled colour that is attractive and radiates joy, but also encourages creativity and success. This selection is juicy and fruity with mirrored lenses and bold frames to match your outfit of the day. 

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Let's go all out with our fashion this Spring/ Summer. It's time to have show stopping confidence, be bold and determined, be super bright and full of good vibes and positivity. It's time to live life again. Oh and by the way, all sunglasses come in a hard shell case and are accompanied by a cloth.

To close the blog out in good spirits, sing this with me now...

"The sun has got his sunglasses on, hip-hip-hip hooray. The sun has got his sunglasses on and he's coming out today." 

Candy Selection - Sparks Sunglasses

P.S. The Spark Sunglasses Collection is LIMITED EDITION so each frame is only available whilst stock lasts. 


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