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My Birthday In Sparks Sunglasses

Posted on March 7, 2020 at 6:30 AM

Happy Birthday To Me

On February 26th 1990, I was born in London UK. Since that very day, I have been loved, nurtured, educated, celebrated and as a result, I've grown into the woman I am today. 

Nova shades

Every year I look forward to my birthday like a big kid. And every year I make an effort to do something amazing, to celebrate in a unique way, to show my gratitude, to show respect to my parents for how they raised me and to be a better person than I was the year before.

Every year I do something special, and for the past 5 years I have had the privilege of being able to film my celebrations for the Sophisticated K, now K London YouTube channel. For the past couple of years I have also done a birthday photoshot, and this year, my traditional mini birthday photoshoot featured Sparks Sunglasses. Being able to include my sunglasses collection in my annual birthday photo shoot meant a lot to me.

Whilst doing the photoshoot, I played music. I sang and danced as the camera flashed and I thanked God for my photography skills and my ability to do this for myself year after year. Like I said it's a tradition, so for as long as I can, I will do it and I'll look back at the years I have been able to capture. I started in 2016, the first photo went up on the then @Sophisticatedkk instagram account on February 22nd 2016 and the caption said

"It's Monday! The week has begun! My Birthday Week Has Begun!" So that means the countdown is officially on. I'm posting a new mini photoshoot image everyday this week, so celebrate with me. I Love My Birthday!!"

Those photos featured peak hats designed by my little sister, from her Angel Ice Clothing line and I felt blessed to wear them.

So, like I said above. This year I wore shades from the Sparks Sunglasses Collection, and I just want to share some of the photos with you. I took over 100 photos and changed into 7 outfits.

Sunset shades

As you will see from the photos that follow. I got creative with the outfits. I love fashion, clothes have been a massive part of my life since I was young (because of the way my mum dressed me), sunglasses have been a massive part of my life since I was in high school, and that's why the Sophisticated K Tshirt Collection and the Sparks Sunglasses Collection means so much to me. I made an effort to match the shades to the outfits I created and boi I think I did a good job. Let me know which outfit you like in the comments.

Layla shades

The outfit above is what I wore to work on my birthday. I made it a little more elegant and sophisticated because I'm a Receptionist, so I paired the jumper with black jeans, and I put a black blazer on top. I also wore smart patent black shoes. I looked good and I felt good.  

My official birthday outfit was my favourite of them all. When I got home from work, I changed into the outfit above and I wore the pink Lola shades, although they are not in this photo. BUT as you can see... I turned 30 years old and as I write this a week and a half later, I still can't believe that I'm 30. No one believes I'm 30. People still think I'm a teenager and some think I'm 20 or 22. That's fine by me. I live good and I look young.

Blaze shades

30 years of life on God's green earth and I'm proud of all that I have accomplished. A 5x Published Author, a female Photographer, 5 year long YouTuber, Fashion Designer, Sunglasses Collection Owner, Public Speaker and Motivational Leader. I've worked hard for the Kayisha Online empire and I'm looking forward to what comes next. The future is bright so I'm going to keep my Sparks Sunglasses on!

Akila shades (Coming Soon...)

I don't want this to be all about me, so I want to encourage you to live your best blessed life, find out what your purpose is, work to inspire people, work to make the world a better place and year after year when you celebrate your birthday you can do it in style and be proud of what you have done in life as you look back. God has a purpose for your life, He has a plan for your life, so be blessed and be inspired (That's the Kayisha Online slogan).

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