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Should I Wear Sunglasses In The Winter?

Posted on January 22, 2020 at 3:35 AM

It's Winter But The Sun Is Coming Out!

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It's almost the end of January already and the sun is coming out. Can you believe we're 22 days into 2020?

We've been walking around feeling like it's a Spring teaser and we can't lie, we LOVE it and we hope you are too! It's gearing us up for Spring and ultimately for Summer aka The Best 3 Months Of The Year! We should give a sunglasses shaped award to Summer for all of it's warmth, glory and brilliance.

Anyway, were getting a little ahead of ourselves. It's still just January and were talking about June. LOL :)

So, the sun is coming out, YES and we need to encourage you to wear sunglasses now, more than ever before. Not only do sunglasses upgrade any outfit, especially when you wear a pair of Sparks Sunglasses. But since it's still technically Winter, in particular in the UK, it's foggy, windy, cloudy and cold i.e. temperatures as low as 3 degrees celsius. The average person doesn't think they need to wear sunglasses on a daily basis, but we're here to kill that myth.

Sunglasses are Trendy, YES! They are Stylish, YES! And they are Fashionable, YES! Can you tell we're talking about Sparks Sunglasses? Back to the point. Sunglasses are trendy, stylish and fashionable, but the main purpose is to prevent the sun from damaging and irritating your eyes and effecting your overall eyesight and visibility. LEAVE A COMMENT IF THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. So if you think it's weird to wear sunglasses in the Winter, it's not. It's actually very smart!

Foggy at 10am on January 22nd 2020

Oh and here are some other health benefits. 

*Sunglasses prevent damage to your eyelids (your eyelids can get sunburn)

*They reduce the development of wrinkles known as crows feet around the side of your eyes, due to squinting. Squinting can also causes forehead wrinkles, and who wants that?!?

*Reduce your exposure to UV sunrays (UVA, UVB and UVC) even on a cloudy and foggy day (it's really foggy as I type this - first photo above)

*Prevent conditions such as Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, blurry vision, double vision and light sensitivity.

*Protect your eyes from dust, debris and wind. Especially in the winter when it’s windy, who knows what could get in your eyes and damage the delicate tissues.

If your Winter season brings snow, it is even more important to wear sunglasses because the light exposure can intensify due to the reflection from the all white snow. Wear sunglasses for full eye protection and make sure that children start wearing sunglasses too. Let's make it a habit, and a positive one at that.

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