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Are you ready for winter?

Posted on November 24, 2019 at 3:35 PM

Winter Is Coming!

Yes, you read that right, Winter is coming and there is nothing we can do about. We can't go back in time to Summer, we can't fast forward three months to Spring, so we just have to get ready for it. The official start of Winter in the United Kingdom is also known as the Winter Solstice and it's set to begin on December 22nd 2019. We just have to get ready for it, because it's currently Autumn and it's already freezing cold.

So, this is a really quick blog because we just want to give you a Winter Checklist.

We want to make sure you're ready... Isn't that helpful of us?

Make a note of all the things you don't have and head out this week to get it.

*Scarf - A long thermal one to warp around your upper body and ribs.

*Hat - Preferably a fluffy beanie hat that covers your ears.

*Gloves - Fingerless and normal gloves. You can also get the ones that allow you to interact with your smart phone.

*Mittens - If they're your style get some.

*Sunglasses - A pair of Sparks Sunglasses, because even in the winter, you need sunglasses

*Socks - Thick socks, knee high socks, just socks and more socks. Don't you just hate cold feet?

*Natural oils - It's an absolute must that you moisturise your skin in the winter, you can also burn the oils for a relaxing atmosphere.

*Vitamins - Increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrition to promote and build up your immune system. 

*Furry hand muffs - These are not only warm, their stylish too.

*Sparks Sunglasses - It may be winter, but the sun still shines and you still need to protect and love your eyes.

*Hot Water Bottle - This item has literally saved my life every Winter for a countless amount of years. Get one in a cosy patterned case.

*Ear muffs - When the cold gets in your ear, you get an ear ache, so cover your ears and stay warm in style.

Last but not least...

*A long winter coat down to your knees - It's just that. You need a knee left coat. The cold is coming!!!

Prepare for Winter, get ready for the chills and repel the flu at all costs. If I have forgotten anything, leave a comment to help us out.


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I hope this helps, because Winter in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada is no joke. Let's get ready to face the cold together. 


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