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NEW Silver And Gold Sunglasses

Posted on September 11, 2020 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The Silver And Gold Collection Is Here

I have to admit. I was a little bit aimless when I first started the Sparks Sunglasses Collection. I had the exotically named selections with two pairs in each, and although they were very different in design, and they complemented each other, there wasn't much cohesion. Since the beginning of time (May 19th 2019), there has always been 5 selections and 10 sunglasses overall, but I initially didn’t have termly/ seasonal collections. I was going with the flow and changing what was available as they sold out BUT then came Spring 2020 and I had an idea for how to move forward.

Spring 2020 was on the horizon and I decided to do the Spring 2020 Rainbow Collection. It was bright, fun and full of vivid colours. It was exactly what we needed with all that was going on in the world. I’m sure you can tell that I’m talking about COVID-19 and shortly after the official lockdown of the world, the police brutality against Black people. The spring 2020 Rainbow Collection did amazing. Many pairs sold out and caused me to have to add new pairs to the selections. That was fun and it ultimately meant that more people were joining the Sparks Family and so more people were wearing Sparks Sunglasses to love and protect their eyes. That is of course my ultimate aim. April 13th 2020 was the first time I had launched a specific collection, created a YouTube video and went all out.


Because of the success of that, I knew deep down that I had to repeat that model and came up with a date for the next release. I had 2 collections in mind for Summer 2020 but I just wasn’t sure which one to go with. I showed my big sister who is actually a Fashion Designer and I said to her “I have these two collections.” Whilst showing her all of the beautiful pairs. I said “These are bright and colourful. There’s a bit of every style in this collection, but I don’t know if I should do this one first.

In the blink of an eye the gospel song Silver and Gold came to mind. I was singing along to the song in my head, and that’s when I knew that I had to call the collection Silver And Gold. I said to my sister “No, this one is more summery. This one is Summer Vybz and that one is more Autumn.” She agreed. Basically, she was my sounding board. I moved forward with the Summer Vybz Collection which I released on June 23rd 2020. It followed the success of not only the rainbow collection, but also the 1st year anniversary of Sparks Sunglasses. I had made it to a year, I had dressed many faces and I’d had my first international sale. A Sparks Sunglasses order went all the way to Atlanta, Georgia. I say all the way as if I didn’t launch Sparks whilst I was in Florida (my second home) and Florida is the neighbouring state of Georgia.

 Sparks have been travelling, going to beaches, barbecues and so much more during Summer, even during the quarantine/ lockdown because like I said “they protect your eyes” and now were in September. It’s the afternoon of September 11th as I type this and my eyes are open as I reflect on a 5 year anniversary personal to me and a 19 year anniversary that affects the world – 9/11 (May We NEVER Forget). Eyes are important. Eyes are the window to the soul, you can see someone’s emotional state, their health and I believe Shakespeare meant exactly that when he said “The Eyes are the window to your soul” And that's why Sparks is here to help you to love and protect them.

So, tomorrow is the BIG day and I’m going to keep pushing and encouraging people to love and protect their eyes, now with the Silver And Gold Collection. It is awesome if I say so myself. It’s shiny and bold and it's silver and gold. If I could wear them all I literally would. But we all know that there is the perfect pair for you, your face shape, your complexion and all of that. There's even measurements that help to make sure you choose the right pair. Trust me, it all matters. 

As of 8:00am UK/ BST on Saturday12th September 2020, the Sparks Sunglasses Silver And Gold Collection will be EXCLUSIVELY available at Since our launch, we promised LIMITED EDITION, GLAMOUROUS and EXCLUSIVE sunglasses so that is what we are delivering once again with the Silver And Gold Collection. Which one will you fall in love with? Silver or Gold??

Sparks Sunglasses

Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes"

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Black Pound Day At Sparks Sunglasses

Posted on September 5, 2020 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Black Pound Day Is Here Again!!!

It's Black Pound Day again, and firstly, if you're wondering what BPD is; let me just explain. 

Black Pound Day is a day created to support the growth of the UK Black economy/ Black owned businesses. In response to the systematic racism that has been rampant, bold and publicised during the first half of 2020 and much before, UK rapper Swiss created Black Pound Day in order to celebrate black-owned businesses, keep money circulating in the Black community and to encourage a switch up in our shopping habits by ultimately supporting our own. Instead of it being only once a year like other celebrated days, it is a monthly campaign which began in June 2020 and is now in its 4th month. 

Sparks Sunglasses is participating in Black Pound Day once again by generously giving you 15% OFF your entire order of Sparks Sunglasses from the current Summer Vybz Collection. All you have to do is use the discount code SUMMERVYBZ15 at checkout to get your discount. Orders are consistently being filled, new members are joining the Sparks Family and if you decide to benefit from this Black Pound Day discount, you will be welcomed to the Sparks Family with open arms. The discount code expires at 11:00pm UK time on Sunday 6th September 2020 so don't miss out.

Now remember, Black Pound Day is one day in every month, but let's make a conscious effort to support Black owned companies more than just once a month. Supporting local and supporting our own is a great way to ensure better opportunities, growth and success for the current day but also for the future; especially for our children. As a Black Female Entrepreneur who has worked hard to build the Kayisha Online Empire, I know the importance of support and how much the little things actually make a difference. Let's do all that we can to promote positive growth in the Black culture. We Can Do IT!


Sparks Sunglasses

Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes"

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Get A Summer Outfit

Posted on August 3, 2020 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Summer 2020 Fashion On Point

So, I was singing along to Angel's Run This track from his Possession With Intent album the other day and the lyrics "Take that black hoody off and get a summer outfit" kept playing in my head for hours after. They are the words of Sneakbo whose featured on the track, and although the two of them are so London, (Angel is a fellow West Londoner) the lyrics are so relevant for the world. Summer is officially here! Even though some of us are still on lockdown, a lot of us are bursting out of our home clothes, PJ's and ladies, were putting our bras back on. YAYYYYY!!! LOL!!!

Now, because of that, you know what I'm about to do. Let me inspire some of your Summer 2020 outfits, whilst showing you which pairs of Sparks Sunglasses from the newly released Summer Vybz Collection goes with each outfit. We all need a bit of outfit inspiration every now and then, a little bit of motivation to get us out of our usual fits, so check these out so "you can run this party, come through and turn up this party" in the words of Angel.

Oh and I've been scouting Instagram for weeks and got some fashionable looks from some of the most gorgeous Fashionistas on my timeline. I feel honoured and privileged to have these ladies featured in my blog, so hopefully they inspire your Summer 2020 looks, no matter where you are in the world. And don't forget to do it all whilst wearing Sparks Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes. Looking after your eyes especially whilst the sun is at its peak, should be your number 1 priority, so let Sparks help you do that.

Devyni - @Devynistyles in Florida, USA looks beautiful in this colourful, printed maxi dress. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Aviana 1 shades. They are great for getting all the attention in a graceful and stylish way.

Nikki - @Nikkiandtees in Lagos, Nigeria looks super dope in her denim crop top, shorts and all of that natural hair. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Kai 1 shades. They give a bluer than the ocean feel with their round, frameless and reflective lenses. 

Brave Williams (Actress, Singer and Fitness Guru) - @Bmorebrave is looking sharp and extremely stylish in her @Littlemstyle olive green trouser suit and a super sleek on fleek braided ponytail. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Zayla 2 shades. They have a chameleon effect, so the round reflective lenses change colour with the light, but also have a stunning rose gold frame. Check out Brave's new signle Options on iTunes and watch the video on YouTube. 

Miss Dems - @Missdemsxo in London, UK is sitting back, chilling and looking cool and casual in her royal blue crop top, grey shorts and fresh sneakers. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Kai 2 shades. They are black, bold and blue for a Fashionista like you.

Adetosimi - @Lovefromsimi in London looks naturally beautiful and oh so comfortable in her patterned top, coral green stretch pencil skirt and bright white sneakers. The perfect Sparks Sunglasses to match would be the Zayla  shades, they are oversized, elegantly shaped and wrapped in a gold frame.

Kayisha aka me - @Kayishaonline in London is soaking up the sun in an EXCLUSIVE Love baseball t-shirt from the Sophisticated K Tees collection and a pair of blue jeggings. Nothing is more comfortable than a baggy tee in the hot sun. And of course the perfect pair of Sparks Sunglasses, that clearly match the outfit are the Fya 1 shades; red, gold and hot like the sun.

I said that lyric was playing on my mind for hours, but really it was the whole song. "She aint got a dress like yours, don't you see them trynna dress like you, you aint gotta try too hard..." A few days later I had an all Angel music day, then when I logged into Instagram, his photo came up first on my timeline. I commented "I've been listening to your music all day. Currently playing Time After Time." and he liked it. Woooop Woooop!! That was a good moment, I've been wanting to do a photoshoot with him since Go In, Go Hard and Wonderful days back in 2012. Believing that it will happen one day, but for now make sure you head over to the Sparks Store and order your favourite pair from the Sparks Sunglasses Summer Vybz Collection. Once they're gone, they're gone. That's what LIMITED EDITION means.

Sparks Sunglasses

Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes"

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Sunglasses VS Hairstyles

Posted on July 15, 2020 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Which one is the cherry on top?

Sunglasses, just like hair and hairstyles are a form of expression. They speak of your identity, express your individual personality and characterize who you are without you even saying a word. Hairstyles, hair length, hair colour and all of the details (beads, slide clips, edge swirls and gold cuffs) are so important to not only men and women but also boys and girls. The same is true for the shape, size, style and colour of your sunglasses, the frame, lenses, temple arms and tips. The correct pair of sunglasses and the correct hairstyle don't just do an awful lot for your physical appearance, they also do a lot for your confidence, your self-esteem and your vibe for the day and beyond.

Hands up if you're a naturalista!

Hair has and will always be part of the beauty and essence of women and men; and just like hair, sunglasses are important to men and women. Most sunglasses are unisex because I believe the liking that people take to sunglasses are based off personal preference; instead of a style being inclined towards one gender. The colour of a mirrored lens could be blue, purple, pink, red, green and who determines that men or women can and can't wear those colour shades? And hairstyles, oh my, I think they are the same. Women can rock a good tapered cut, even though it's considered a men's hairstyle. And both men and women have long, curly hair, braids, dread locs and afros. Neither are solely for one gender.

Powerful right?

I honestly don't know if there will be a clear winner in this not going so well battle of style; because truth be told, I absolutely love both. I'm a Naturalista. I love my natural hair, I always have, and I especially love all of the amazing things I can do with it. I love how I feel when my hair is freshly braided, I love how my natural hair blows in the wind when I have just straightened it. I love how my eyes look and how the shape of my face is accentuated when I have a top knot with the back down. I also love sunglasses and have done since I was a teenager. My deep rootted love for sunglasses is the reason Sparks Sunglasses exists. I love how each pair adds something different to my look, how I can match them perfectly to my outfit of the day, how they make me stand out and turn heads. I love how they make me look serious, mhsterious, stylish and sexy all at the same time. I love that I can cover my eyes but also wear them on my forehead. How can I possibly choose one over the other?  

So guess what I did?!? I left the decision up to you! On July 14th, I decided to post something on the Sparks Sunglasses IG story and created a poll so I could find out once and for all. I kept it simple and just said HAIR VS SUNGLASSES. The responses started rolling in, in no time and that's what I love about interacting with you on IG.




Who do you think it will be...

Afro puffs, slick ponytail, uptown fade, 32" braids or neater than neat dread locks to give you that natural hair on fleek feel???


Rose tinted Aviators, blue like the sky cirlce mirror lenses and the green of nature oversized shades to give you a sophistication and a colorful escape from the world???

I can proudly say that sunglasses won. YAYYY! I looked through all of the voters, and even a full blown, natural hair instagram account voted sunglasses. I don't just think sunglasses won, I think they stole the show with a whopping 85% of the votes and most definitely won this battle which is great news for Sparks Sunglasses. The NEW Summer Vybz Collection is OUT NOW, so for all of my sunglasses lovers and naturalistas who love sunglasses, head over to the store to check out the new collection. They are Fya! And I say that because there is a selection called Fya. 

Sparks Sunglasses

Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes"

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Party With Sparks Sunglasses On SoundCloud

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Sunglasses Music On SoundCloud

Did you know Sunglasses Music existed? Well now you do!

For the first year anniversary of Sparks Sunglasses, I decided to put together a sunglasses music playlist so we could party together not matter where we were in the world, and celebrate how far Sparks had come. It's been almost 2 months since the sparks anniversary and the playlist has 11 Sunglasses Music tracks. If you didnt know that Sunglasses Music was a thing, I'm proudly making you aware of the fact that it's actually a full blown genre. The playlist is housed on Soundcloud and regardless of the ocassion, I want us to have a party with sunglasses music.


I love music! I have been called "The number one station for hip-hop and R&B" since I was in high school. That title is literally in my year book. My dad is a DJ, my mum is an African Dancer and I have a massive catalogue of music on my phone, iPod, laptop, hard drive and in my brain. When I tell you that it is crazy how much lyrics our brains can store. Anyway I'm also quite an eclectic music lover and that is reflected in the Sparks Sunglasses SoundCloud playlist. A new song was added recently, so its got songs from Diddy, Brisco, Kelly Rowland, Skepta, Corey Hart, Miranda Lambert and some really old skool jams. You may not have heard some of the old skool artists, but that doesn't mean their sunglasses music isn't cool.


Music is the universal language of love, especially when the human voice doesnt always articulate love very well. Music spreads love and joy in the most amazing way. The world needs massive doses of that and I want to encourage more people to wear sunglasses in order to love and protect their eyes. SO... I hope you check out the playlist and have it playing in the background as you go about your day. Let me know which song is your favourite in the comments and be blessed. Oh and why not get yourself some Sparks Sunglasses from the NEW Summer Vybz Collection, and send me a video clip of yourself in your Sparks, listening to the Sparks Music. Sparks, Sparks, Sparks and more Sparks.


Click the link below and Party With Me! Oh and if you have a SoundCloud account, make sure you follow us so you know when new music is added.


Sparks Sunglasses

Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes"

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How To Love Your Skin And Eye This Summer

Posted on July 8, 2020 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Love your skin and eyes this Summer – tips and tricks

Looking after your eyes and skin should be one of your number 1 priorities, regardless of the season. I know that this Summer is different because the majority of us, all over the world are still on lockdown. Just because were still stuck in the house and only going out for absolutely neceessary trips and errands, we should still be taking care of our bodies. Our main responsibility is our health, and so we have to do everything in our power to prevent eye diseases like Cataracts that lead to blindness and skin conditions that lead to dry, cracked skin that could get infected.

When it's summer time and the weather is fine, can you tell I love music? There's always a song that goes with something I'm trying to say, but this time I just wanted to sing.

Healthy eyes require a balanced diet, but just like other parts of the body, there are particular things that have great benefits for certain areas. Fish, nuts, sweet potatoes, broccoli, citrus fruits, leafy greens etc. They all benefit your eyes immensely. I say "Just eat loads of the fruits and vegetables, but be sure to add Carrots in there somewhere." Carrots are full of Vitamin A that helps to prevent night blindness.

Sparks Sunglasses - Amina and brown skin/ melanin

TIP: Wear sunglasses. There are many types and styles so there is no excuse why you can't find a pair or two for you. They protect your eyes and add to your style, you can't go wrong. Make sure you get a pair from the Sparks Sunglasses Collection. Store link above.

TRICK: You could start the day with a healthy green smoothie, to give yourself a boost and to send antioxidants rushing around your body. Kale or Spinach will be a great addition to a berry smoothie.

TIP: Give your eyes a break from computer screens, tv screens and most definitely phone screens. Screens can make your eyes dry and irritated.

TIP: Wear a hat with a peak to minimise the effect of UV A and B radiation. (Peak hat, Bucket hat, Fedora, Visor) Whatever floats your boat, just makes sure it's something that gives extra protection.

TRICK: Stop smoking! You might be thinkong that's not a trick, but it is when you stop and decrease your chances of getting certain eye conditions.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. Your skin protects your from outside elements, microbes such as bacteria, it helps to regulate your temperature and assists with your senses like touch. We have to look after our skin to not only keep it looking good, but to keep it functioning the way it should. Take the time to pamper and treat your skin. Not only are the fruits and vegetable above good for your eyes, they are also good for your skin.

TRICK: As we get older, we stop producing as much Collagen so our skin loses its elasticity and plump. Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells, eat foods that promote healthy skin and the increase of Collagen. Collagen will help your skin regain its glow, elasticity and firmness.

TIP: The more the sun comes out, the more you need to protect yourself from it; so stay out of direct sunlight, relax in the shade and use sun protection.

TRICK: Take your vitamins daily. Vitamin E helps to prevent moisture loss so your skin doesnt get dehydrated and dry and it helps to protect your skin from pollutants which are everywhere around us.

TIP: Use all natural oils on your skin, the less chemicals and harsh ingredients the better your skin will be i.e. softer, smoother and shiny. As you reduce the amount of chemicals you use, the healthier and more illuminating your skin will be.

Both our eyes and our skin benefit from rest/ sleep, so make sure you're getting enough sleep. Your skin heals whilst you're sleeping, so you wake up feeling freshed, healthy and with a glow and your eyes enjoy a good break from scrolling through social media, so you can be bright eyed and enthusiastic.

Both our skin and our eyes like moisture so you can spray a toner on your face after cleansing. It will help your skin to lock in the moisture, especially as the temperature heats up. You can also use eyedrops if your eyes start getting dry and itchy. Always avoid using alcohol based products.

Aside from giving you more advice like, don't just copy the skin care or eye care regime of your friend or sister, make sure the products you use and routine is specifically for your skin. Oh and use a cold face roller to reduce puffiness, inflammation and built-up stress and tension in your face and around your eyes. The next thing I can say is get yourself some Sparks Sunglasses. It's July, I'm feeling generous and so with each order for the next few weeks, you will get a Ted Baker Beauty item or 2 with your order. Place your order NOW so you don't miss out, because once everything (lipstick, nail varnish, lip balm, brushes etc) have gone, they have gone and who knows when I will be feeling generous again. The Sparks Sunglasses Summer Vybz Collection is OUT NOW, so visit our site and find your perfect match.

Sparks Sunglasses

"Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes"

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Follow Us On Instagram

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 @SparksSunglasses on Instagram


Sparks Sunglasses on Instagram is a combination of Sparks Sunglasses product photos, daily motivation, Sparks Sunglasses with a natural backdrop (like a sunset), travel inspiration, Sparks Selfies from the Sparks Family, funny sunglasses memes and a contribution to current world events. As a Black woman, Black business owner/ entrepreneur I recently had to use my platform to protest the injustices, racism and shameful acts against my fellow Black People. Solidarity and Unity is very important and the ability to use social media to socialise and promote by business is great, but to evoke change in the world is even better.


It might sound crazy, but before promoting the sunglasses, my priority is to uplift and inspire my followers. Day after day my followers are increasing and the more I pray for God to enlarge my territory, the more He's doing it. I believe that before selling a product to a person you have to care about them, you have to give them something and then maybe they will think about spending their hard earned money on your product. 

Our memes make you laugh and feature some well known faces such as Eva Marcille, Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss and there's much more to come. Our travel locations encourage you to step out of your postcode or zip code, pick up your passport, pack your bag and bring your Sparks Sunglasses along so you can travel in style and be the most stylish in one of the most beautiful travel destinations. I love architecture, so I try to incorporate some of the most beautiful and eye catching pieces of art/ buildings. 

I used Instagram to celebrate our 1 year anniversary a few weeks ago. We couldn't have an event to celebrate, so I created a playlist on Soundcloud so we could all party together, whilst staying safe at home. Using IG for Sparks has been fun and the more Sparks Selfies I get, the better it will be. Its a blessing to be able to share the smiling faces with everyone because we aim to protect your eyes and make you smile in your Sparks Sunglasses. So far we are doing just that.

I like to use the poll feature in the IG stories because it gets you to interact with me. I get your opinion on something whether its just yes or no, who wore it best, or more in depth options. Getting your opinion is a big deal to me, you have a voice and I want to give you the opportunity to use it. And as a result of that, I will be able to continue to serve you well. Now with that being sai,d I want you to go to the Instagram app, search Sparks Sunglasses, look for the logo, click on it and press FOLLOW. Then I want you to join the Sparks Family by purchasing your favourite pair and sending us your Sparks Selfie. The Summer Vybz Collection is OUT NOW, so check out the store and place your order. 

Oh and before I go, the Sparks Sunglasses stories go a little something like this. They don't always get uploaded to YouTube, so make sure you follow, to always be in the know. Click here to watch it - and have a good weekend.


Sparks Sunglasses

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National Sunglasses Day

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It's Sunglasses Day


To me, every single day of the year is Sunglasses Day, but June 27th is officially National Sunglasses Day. Now, the goal of the day is to spread awareness of the importance of protecting your eyes from UVA and the powerful rays of the sun.

The sun is beautiful and very significant to the Earth as a whole. We all know that it's important to look after your eyes and a part of doing that is to find the perfect sunglasses for you. And let me tell you, Sparks Sunglasses is here to help you. As well as wearing sunglasses, there are many other ways to protect your eyes and to keep them healthy, so below is a list of things that you should make a habit.

So here goes:-

*Protect your Retina, the home of the Melanin (colour) in your eyes because it is the area of the eye that receives the sharpest light images.

*Stay far away from high doses of radiation.

*Don't rub your eyes and put dirty fingers in your eyes. This can cause infections and Bacterial Conjunctivitis also known as Pink Eye. Wash your hands frequently to avoid the transfer of germs and infections.

*Vitamin A in food and vitamin supplements can help with Retinal Degeneration. It's very important to have a healthy diet.

*You should have regular eye tests, at least once every 2 years, but more frequently if you are concerned about your sight.

*Avoid sight loss by maintaining a healthy diet of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Ensure that you drink the recommended amount of water too.

*It is beneficial to bath your eyes and use a hot towel on closed eyes. This improves your tears and helps with dry eyes. 

*If you have Diabetes, regulate your Insulin to balance out your blood sugar levels and prevent excessive damage to your eyes. (Seek support from your General Practitioner in regards to your Insulin and your lifestyle).

*The best way to protect your eyes from UV light is to wear sunglasses, 3D goggle frames and stylish oversized shades that protect your eyes from all angles. The NEW Sparks Sunglasses Summer Vybz Collection and an array of different styles that will protect your eyes and keep you fashionable at all times.

Our goal is to help you love and protect your eyes and make you smile in your Sparks Sunglasses!

I hope those tips are helpful, I hope you wear your sunglasses every day and make sure you post your sunglasses selfies on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #NationalSunglassesDay to spread the awareness. Oh and when you wear your Sparks Sunglasses, you have to tag #SparksSelfie so you can get a repost and get added to the Sparks Family Gallery.


Sparks Sunglasses

Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes

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Summer Vybz Collection Coming Soon

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Sparks Sunglasses Summer Vybz

This is officially the shortest Sparks Instablog in the history of Sparks Sunglasses. But hey, it's really short because I just want to give you some really exciting news. 

Summer in the UK officially started on Saturday 20th June 2020 (20/06/2020) and because of that the NEW Sparks Sunglasses Summer Vybz Collection is being released on June 23rd 2020. It's been a few months since the release of the Spring collection, which did exceptionally well and now it's time for Summer.


So, that's what I wanted to share with you "The Sparks Sunglasses Summer Vybz Collection is coming on Tuesday 23rd June 2020 and I'm so excited for you to meet your perfect match!" By that I mean that Sparks Sunglasses that have your name on them. Ok, maybe not your actual name on them, but the ones that are meant for you.

Remember they are LIMITED EDITION, and limited means limited to a specific number for exclusivity and uniqueness, so don't miss out. ACT FAST!!!

Visit our website to browse our the NEW Summer Vybz Collection!


Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Sunglasses to love and protect your eyes"

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Father's Day Is Coming

Posted on June 10, 2020 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

For The Special Dad In Your Life

Use discount code SSDaddy to get 15% OFF for your dad!

This year has been pretty difficult for everyone around the world. We couldn't celebrate Easter or Mother's Day the way we nornally would. We can't celebrate our birthdays with our loved ones and for a lot of people that day has been the complete opposite to previous turnt up celebrations. The joys of Spring were an absolute miss. Graduates all over the world didn't get to walk the stage, we've had deaths and devastation like never before and now it's Father's Day. We still can't celebrate the way we'd like, but we can do something to make this Father's Day special.

We have some cool, swaggy and stylish sunglasses in the Sparks Collection for the dads in our lives. It's going to be difficult to be together because the majority of us are still on lockdown, but you can be there in gift and spirit.

Father's Day, just like Mother's Day is all about telling your dad how much he means to you, how much you appreciate him and it's the day that you upgrade him. If you're anything like me; you're not only singing "Pappa let me upgrade you!", you're also buying your dad everything he seems to be scared of buying for himself. Comment below if you buy your dad socks, shirts, cologne and the rest of lifes necessities. 

This year the upgrade can be a little more classy, because this year we've got your back with the perfect gift. This year you can show your pops that you care about his eyes, you want to encourgae him to love and protect his eyes (especially because he's getting older - don't tell him we said that) so you're getting him a pair of Sparks Sunglasses. 

So, order a pair of Sparks Sunglasses for your daddy, and not only surprise him, show him how much you love him and care about his health. Father's Day is on June 21st 2020, so don't delay. You want to make sure he gets his gift just in time for the special day.

Use discount code SSDaddy to 15% OFF your entire order. That means you can get a pair for your daddy and for yourself. Why not?!?

P.S. If a pair that you think your dad would like is not in our store but is on our homepage, let us know, we will add it to the store just for you and your dad. 

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