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5 Sunglasses Worth Buying Right Now

Posted on March 27, 2020 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The Perfect shades To Add To Your Collection

So, we’re all stuck in the house right now! We’re following the strict instructions of the government and the health care systems and staying at home as a result of the Coronavirus. But when this is all said and done, which we’re all praying will be soon and very soon, we’re going to break out of our homes like we’ve been set free from prison LITERALLY. We’re going to come out of our hiding places and we’re going to do it in style. We’re going to have friends and family reunions because it would have been that long since we’ve seen each other face to face.

No one would have thought this would be how Spring 2020 would be starting back in December 2019, but we’re here and what we have to do is stay positive, stay clean, stay healthy and look to a brighter future. We have to have FAITH! Big FAITH! Like we've all been singing lately, God has the whole world in His hands and we just have to trust and believe that. What we can also do is prepare for that first strut out of the house and the moment when we feel like singing at the top of our lungs, or blasting “(Return of the Mack) come on, (Return of the Mack) oh my God. (You know that I'll be back) here I am!” from our rolled down window, rooftop down, convertible cars. Those lyrics make it seem like Mark Morrison knew we’d be going through this Coronavirus pandemic back in 1996. I was only 6 years old then. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone I was singing that song as a child.

Anyway, with all this time on our hands, we can start getting creative and making up our outfit of the days for our release back into the world. And let me just tell you that those outfits have to consist of the most fundamental item.

Drum roll please... And that fundamental item is a statement pair of sunglasses. We’re finally going to have the sun in our eyes, a graceful breeze in our hair and an I'm FREEE smile on our faces, so sunglasses are an absolute must!

The Sparks Sunglasses Collection has confirmed that sunglasses are trendy, glam, stylish, grand, fashionable and contemporary and they are a great addition to any outfit. They even add a little something, something to a 3 piece suit with a tie. We have mirrored lenses, aviator shades, oversized frames, bright coloured lenses to match your outfit of the day to the tee. We have the blacked out lenses so they can’t see your eyes, tiny frames, triangle frames and much more. It’s time to turn the ante up, grow your collection of sunglasses, widen your options and elevate your style. After all of this, we have to make the most of the most coveted seasons before Autumn and Winter force us to hibernate again.

1 Blue Futuristic Mirrored Lenses - Layla - Sparks

2 Black Rounded Half Frame - Blaze - Sparks

3 Yellow Mini Aviator - Sunset - Sparks

4 Black You Can't See My Eyes - Nova - Sparks

5 Pink Triangle Penelope Cruz Style - Lola - Sparks


Get your maxi dress, dolly shoes, white tees, blazers, white sneakers, denim and sandals, crop tops, tank tops and your outfit transformers (I mean your Sparks Sunglasses) ready. And don't forget to take a #SparksSelfie and tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram. The Sparks Family is growing and we want to make sure you get added to the Sparks Family Gallery.

Sparks Sunglasses

Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Top quality sunglasses for any kind of weather"

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My Birthday In Sparks Sunglasses

Posted on March 7, 2020 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy Birthday To Me

On February 26th 1990, I was born in London UK. Since that very day, I have been loved, nurtured, educated, celebrated and as a result, I've grown into the woman I am today. 

Nova shades

Every year I look forward to my birthday like a big kid. And every year I make an effort to do something amazing, to celebrate in a unique way, to show my gratitude, to show respect to my parents for how they raised me and to be a better person than I was the year before.

Every year I do something special, and for the past 5 years I have had the privilege of being able to film my celebrations for the Sophisticated K, now K London YouTube channel. For the past couple of years I have also done a birthday photoshot, and this year, my traditional mini birthday photoshoot featured Sparks Sunglasses. Being able to include my sunglasses collection in my annual birthday photo shoot meant a lot to me.

Whilst doing the photoshoot, I played music. I sang and danced as the camera flashed and I thanked God for my photography skills and my ability to do this for myself year after year. Like I said it's a tradition, so for as long as I can, I will do it and I'll look back at the years I have been able to capture. I started in 2016, the first photo went up on the then @Sophisticatedkk instagram account on February 22nd 2016 and the caption said

"It's Monday! The week has begun! My Birthday Week Has Begun!" So that means the countdown is officially on. I'm posting a new mini photoshoot image everyday this week, so celebrate with me. I Love My Birthday!!"

Those photos featured peak hats designed by my little sister, from her Angel Ice Clothing line and I felt blessed to wear them.

So, like I said above. This year I wore shades from the Sparks Sunglasses Collection, and I just want to share some of the photos with you. I took over 100 photos and changed into 7 outfits.

Sunset shades

As you will see from the photos that follow. I got creative with the outfits. I love fashion, clothes have been a massive part of my life since I was young (because of the way my mum dressed me), sunglasses have been a massive part of my life since I was in high school, and that's why the Sophisticated K Tshirt Collection and the Sparks Sunglasses Collection means so much to me. I made an effort to match the shades to the outfits I created and boi I think I did a good job. Let me know which outfit you like in the comments.

Layla shades

The outfit above is what I wore to work on my birthday. I made it a little more elegant and sophisticated because I'm a Receptionist, so I paired the jumper with black jeans, and I put a black blazer on top. I also wore smart patent black shoes. I looked good and I felt good.  

My official birthday outfit was my favourite of them all. When I got home from work, I changed into the outfit above and I wore the pink Lola shades, although they are not in this photo. BUT as you can see... I turned 30 years old and as I write this a week and a half later, I still can't believe that I'm 30. No one believes I'm 30. People still think I'm a teenager and some think I'm 20 or 22. That's fine by me. I live good and I look young.

Blaze shades

30 years of life on God's green earth and I'm proud of all that I have accomplished. A 5x Published Author, a female Photographer, 5 year long YouTuber, Fashion Designer, Sunglasses Collection Owner, Public Speaker and Motivational Leader. I've worked hard for the Kayisha Online empire and I'm looking forward to what comes next. The future is bright so I'm going to keep my Sparks Sunglasses on!

Akila shades (Coming Soon...)

I don't want this to be all about me, so I want to encourage you to live your best blessed life, find out what your purpose is, work to inspire people, work to make the world a better place and year after year when you celebrate your birthday you can do it in style and be proud of what you have done in life as you look back. God has a purpose for your life, He has a plan for your life, so be blessed and be inspired (That's the Kayisha Online slogan).

Sparks Sunglasses

Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Top quality sunglasses for any kind of weather"

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How To Stay Warm And Stylish In Winter

Posted on February 5, 2020 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Let's Keep You Warm This Winter

Sparks Sunglasses: Nova Selection


It's February 2020! YAYYY! I love February! It's my birthday month and it's the shortest month, BUT it's just the best for so much reasons. Did you notice the palindrome date February blessed us with the other day? 02/02/2020. Even though February is my favourite month, it's always a fantastic month, it's still winter. So you know that means it's still cold.

For the rest of the winter season (we don't have long left), Sparks Sunglasses want to make sure you have all you need until Spring resurfaces and puts a little spring in our step. We have some to do lists, some accessories tips and a look book idea for you (and we mean a male and female look book).

So Here Goes (A Winter Lifestyle And Fashion Guide):-

*Treat your skin - The cold weather can make your skin dry and sensitive, so make sure you use essential oils and moisturiser. Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are guaranteed to moisturise your skin. Use skin care products with Vitamin E, it locks in moisture which keeps your skin hydrated.

*Protect your hair - The elements can damage your hair and make it brittle during the winter. Use essential oils like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and castor oil to replenish moisture and leave your hair radiant. You should condition your hair after you wash it and you should also wear a hat during the winter. Just make sure you have a brush and comb so when you take the hat off you dont have hat hair.

*Drink water and eat fruits and vegetables - Your diet is extremely important. Not just in the winter. It's important throughout the year, but particularly during the winter when you need to ensure that you are not dehydrated and your immune system is strong and healthy; benefitting from all of the vitamins and nutrients you are consuming.

*Wear sunglasses – Yes it’s still winter but over and over again we have been myth busting. We have been confirming that sunglasses should indeed be worn in the winter, so get yourself some Sparks Sunglasses and not only be trendy, stylish and fashionable; protect your eyes as well. No need to squint in the winter sun, have a look at the collection and order a pair or two.

*Dress for the temperature - Fashion is important for many reasons. Yes you want to look good BUT this morning it was 2 degrees celsius. To me it might as well be -1 degrees. IT'S COLD! Below is a list of some of the clothing items that will keep you warm and protect your from the dreadful temperatures. You may still have to wear layers, but layers are better than chilblains.

Long sleeve body suits - Grandpa cardigans - Thermal leggings - Hoodies - Boots

Blazers - Denim jeans - Long sleeve cotton tops - Sweatshirts - Socks - Winter Jacket


Sparks Sunglasses: Layla Selection

To wrap it up, get it? Wrap it up to stay warm... we want you to enjoy the rest of the winter season in style, but also with a cosy feel. So we hope you have been inspired by our ideas. Oh and our first male look book, do you like the items we selected? And make sure you get yourself some Sparks Sunglasses. Whose excited for Spring? Leave a comment.

Sparks Sunglasses

"Top quality sunglasses for any kind of weather"

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Should I Wear Sunglasses In The Winter?

Posted on January 22, 2020 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)

It's Winter But The Sun Is Coming Out!

Sparks Sunglasses - Kiera Selection

It's almost the end of January already and the sun is coming out. Can you believe we're 22 days into 2020?

We've been walking around feeling like it's a Spring teaser and we can't lie, we LOVE it and we hope you are too! It's gearing us up for Spring and ultimately for Summer aka The Best 3 Months Of The Year! We should give a sunglasses shaped award to Summer for all of it's warmth, glory and brilliance.

Anyway, were getting a little ahead of ourselves. It's still just January and were talking about June. LOL :)

So, the sun is coming out, YES and we need to encourage you to wear sunglasses now, more than ever before. Not only do sunglasses upgrade any outfit, especially when you wear a pair of Sparks Sunglasses. But since it's still technically Winter, in particular in the UK, it's foggy, windy, cloudy and cold i.e. temperatures as low as 3 degrees celsius. The average person doesn't think they need to wear sunglasses on a daily basis, but we're here to kill that myth.

Sunglasses are Trendy, YES! They are Stylish, YES! And they are Fashionable, YES! Can you tell we're talking about Sparks Sunglasses? Back to the point. Sunglasses are trendy, stylish and fashionable, but the main purpose is to prevent the sun from damaging and irritating your eyes and effecting your overall eyesight and visibility. LEAVE A COMMENT IF THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. So if you think it's weird to wear sunglasses in the Winter, it's not. It's actually very smart!

Foggy at 10am on January 22nd 2020

Oh and here are some other health benefits. 

*Sunglasses prevent damage to your eyelids (your eyelids can get sunburn)

*They reduce the development of wrinkles known as crows feet around the side of your eyes, due to squinting. Squinting can also causes forehead wrinkles, and who wants that?!?

*Reduce your exposure to UV sunrays (UVA, UVB and UVC) even on a cloudy and foggy day (it's really foggy as I type this - first photo above)

*Prevent conditions such as Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, blurry vision, double vision and light sensitivity.

*Protect your eyes from dust, debris and wind. Especially in the winter when it’s windy, who knows what could get in your eyes and damage the delicate tissues.

If your Winter season brings snow, it is even more important to wear sunglasses because the light exposure can intensify due to the reflection from the all white snow. Wear sunglasses for full eye protection and make sure that children start wearing sunglasses too. Let's make it a habit, and a positive one at that.

Sparks Sunglasses

Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Top quality sunglasses for any kind of weather"

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Ladies Winter Fashion Inspo

Posted on January 11, 2020 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Warm, Cuddly And Pink This Winter

All ladies love pink to some degree! That's A FACT! My favourite colour is red, now BUT pink was the one when I was a teeanger. I was actually called "Lil Pinky" at one point and that slowly transitioned to Special K. Yep, like the cereal.

Sparks Sunglasses - Kiera Selection

Regardless of how old you are and what kind of wardrobe you possess, there is always something pink in there. As a result of that, this look book will not be that much of a stretch for you.

Winter is windy, wet, cold and gloomy, so why not add some colour to your day and definitely to your life with a hint of pink? And get this, it doesn't have to be a bold, bright, fuschia pink. When I say that I mean it doesn't have to be the shade of Victoria's Secret PINK. A softer, paler colour palette is also just as good. And get this, blend it with a hint of grey and the tones will complement each other.

So, here are the items that make up this casual, warm, cuddly and pink winter fit. Just so you can keep it cosy

during the colder months of the year, oh and whilst we wait for the return of Spring.

Beanie Hat: Grey bobble beanie hat

Sunglasses: Kiera shades from the Sparks Sunglasses Collection

Hoody: Get It Girl hoody by Sophisticated K Tees on Instagram

Jacket: Pink puffer jacket

Jeans: Well fitting ripped skinny jeans

Sneakers: Nicki Pink sneakers by Kruzin Europe on Instagram

Gloves: Grey gloves 

Don't forget a dash of perfume once your dressed, and since I already mentioned Victoria's Secret, why not use one of their fragrances. This Is Not Sponsored LOL!! P.S. it's just a reminder so you smell as good as you look and feel.

Cheers to matching from head to toe and if you're one of those people that always wears black, this is just a soft and gentle pop of colour for you. And it's subtle, right?!? Let me know what you think in the comments. And let's get this straight... You don't have to impress anyone. Fashion is for you, it's your statement, and remember you don't have to dress a certain way to please others.

Sparks Sunglasses

Trendy - Stylish - Fashion

"Top quality sunglasses for any kind of weather"

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The Story Of Sparks Sunglasses #10YearChallenge

Posted on January 1, 2020 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

What's The Story Behind Sparks Sunglasses?

Today is Wednesday 1st January 2020. (Wow! That's the first time I had to write the date and it was easy - my typing mind didn't have to catch up.)

Sparks Owner 10 Year Challenge Photo


Ok, so the social media world is doing the #DecadeChallenge and the #10YearChallenge and I got a big realisation or should I call it a revelation?

I thought I would join in on some of my accounts on Instagram, so I went through all of the photos on my phone and that's when it hit me. Sparks Sunglasses has been 10 years in the making, kind of!!

The photo above is what I posted on the Sparks Sunglasses Instagram account, and it speaks absolute volumes. The caption I posted went a little something like this.


Let me tell you a story... As I think about The Decade Challenge, I realise that it really applies to me, not only as Kayisha @KayishaOnline but also as Sparks Sunglasses. In 2009, I moved to Florida and started a list of all the things I wanted to achieve. I wrote it in a note on my BlackBerry Curve (Who remembers BlackBerry's and BBM??) "Sunglasses Line Sparks" I ticked off some of the other stuff on the list before BUT in 2019 (May 19th 2019 to be precise) I launched Sparks Sunglasses and happily ticked that off the list too. (If you're thinking I still use that 10 year old BlackBerry you would be wrong. I do still have it, but I don't use it.) I love the collection and I'm proud of it's growth in just 7 months. And for some reason, I'm actually happy that it took me 10 years to tick it off the list. God's timing is perfect. Just Perfect! So call me Kayisha aka Miss Sparks Sunglasses. 


I gave Instagram the small version of the story, so keep reading whilst I fill in the gaps. I moved from London to Florida for a year in August 2009. It's my second home now, making me a Bicoastal Queen. There were so much things I wanted to do within the year, so I started by writing the list on the said BlackBerry and got to work on some of my aspirations. I started writing my first book. I haven't published the one I finished writing that year, but I have published 5 books, so I managed to tick something off the list. I wanted to become a Photographer and within that year I shadowed and was mentored by an A Class Photographer from Amsterdam. Following that experience, I self taught, completed a photography course in college and then setup my photography company (Perfectly Captured Beauty Photography - PCBphotography) which allowed me to tick something else off the list. My love for sunglasses never faded, and when I'm in Florida my need for them magnifies. I'm in the Sunshine State; so year after year, the day to tick the next thing off was coming closer and closer. I just didn't know it.

I woke up one day at the end of 2018, and decided that I wanted to have a sunglasses collection. I remembered the list I wrote and quickly charged the BlackBerry to refer back to the list. "Sunglasses Line Sparks" was there and I didn't know it was going to be 10 whole years later, I didn't know I was going to use the name I came up with 10 years before, but like I said in the caption God's timing and God's plan. The first photo was taken in Florida and yep, you guessed it, so was the second one. Realisation and Revelation. I am looking forward to what 2020 will bring, I'm looking forward to the continuation of the Sparks Sunglasses journey and so much more. This all started 10 years ago in Florida, I launched it whilst I was in Florida in 2019, I received my first stock delivery whilst I was there and to me it all means something. 

Stay tuned for the journey. I think it's going to be amazing and full of gold glitter and Sparks.

P.S. Have you seen our latest video on the Sparks Sunglasses YouTube channel?

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Happy New Year from Sparks Sunglasses!

"Top quality sunglasses for any kind of weather"

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel, more videos coming soon.

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Who celebrates a 7 month #anniversary?

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Cheers To 7 Months

So, Sparks Sunglasses has been open and happily serving you for 7 months. It's our anniversary! Yayyy!!!

Who celebrates a 7 month anniversary?

We do!!!

We launched on May 19th 2019 and it may seem strange that we're celebrating our 7th month anniversary, but we think it's important to celebrate milestones and the photo above is proof that we've had a wonderful 7 months. We look forward to the next 5 months of our first year, but we also look forward to more. We had interacted with so much people in the name of Sparks Sunglasses, we have served people worldwide, we have grown our stock and dug our feet in the sand, we have travelled, capture moments, met great people and it is only just the start.

We'd like to say thank you to everyone that took a chance on us, had faith in us and our quality products, purchased a pair of Sparks Sunglasses, took photos, helped us promote, and so much more. The journey has only just begun and the Sparks Family is growing. We're excited, so that's why were celebrating out 7 month. A lot of business don't make it this far which is unfortunate. A lot of businesses don't stick it out like Coca Cola, Apple and Amazon or Mark's & Spencer's. Starting a business, serving people is a risk, but it's also an act of faith; and God is good so Sparks Sunglasses is here to stay. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you and make sure you follow us on Instagram an or Facebook. The future is bright and full of sparks, so you better put your Sparks Sunglasses on.

Sparks Sunglasses

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"Top quality sunglasses for any kind of weather"

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Christmas Present And #GiftIdeas

Posted on December 15, 2019 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

So, Christmas is just a few days away and you’re here because you still need some gift ideas. Ok, ok, don't worry because we're here to help you.


We could buy our family and friends gifts and pressies at any given time throughout the year, but Christmas seems to be the one time when we splash out and buy lavish and luxurious gifts for our loved ones. And no matter how much we love them, no matter how much we appreciate their place in our lives, sometimes we have absolutely no idea what to buy for them. And don't worry, that's ok because gifting gets personal and you have to get it right. #NoPressure after all, you did have 12 months to figure something out LOL!

Are you sitting there, scratching your head, thinking back to what they mentioned they wanted and needed, wondering what to buy for those difficult people on your Christmas list? If yes, you can put a smile on your face, put some up beat music on, dance around and wiggle your waist because we can help you crush your Christmas gift goals.

This Christmas you can give the gift of luxury, style and fashion. How does that sound? We've got you covered with gifts for everyone i.e.All of your friends and family who managed to get on your nice list.

You can make all of their golden dreams come true this Christmas 2019 with gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for little kids and gifts for the grown ups. The best gifts can come from you after all. I told you we’ve got your back.


All of your Christmas gifts can be taken care of and delivered just in time to be wrapped in fuzzy Christmas wrapping paper for the big day. So jump on the train, its on the track and about to leave the station. The next stop is December 25th. All gift suggestions are under £25. Did you see what we did there? December 25th... under £25. Get It??? Oh and who said Christmas had to be expensive? Sparks Sunglasses didn't! 

*Sparks Sunglasses -

Sparks Sunglasses provides Trendy - Stylish - Fashionable top quality sunglasses that are suitable for any kind of weather. They are LIMITED EDITION and EXCLUSIVE to just you. Check out the website because we've got sunglasses so good you'll want to

A) Keep the trendy, style and fashion to yourself

B) Order a pair for yourself.

But we say you should go with option C

C) Order for your loved ones and add something to the basket for yourself too.

*Sophisticated K Tees -

Sophisticated K Tees has so many t-shirts and hoodies with punchy slogans, illustrations and graphic designs for you to choose from. Oh, and they all come in an array of colours that cater to men, women, boys and girls. It's top quality apparel that's unique, urban and very creative. Basically, each item and collection pleases the sophisticated dresser in you and those on your list. Take a look at the store and just throw it in the bag. Did Fabulous ft The Dream - Throw It In The Bag come to mind when you read that. *Singing* "Just throw it in the bag!"

*Kayisha Thomas Books -

Books are perfect gifts, and they are gifts that just keep giving when they have a message and life changing power. Books from the Kayisha Thomas Author library fit in different genres and appeal to different age groups. Mum And Dad, We Know What Love Is, is a children's book that is aimed at 11-13 year olds. Measures Of Purpose In Life is for those seeking to find their purpose and it's perfect for those in their late teens trying to find their way and make moves after high school and college. Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration along with Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration is aimed at a larger audience so basically its appropriate for young and old, male and female and any book lovers looking for inspiration and motivation. You've got a whole book library to choose from. 

It's not too late, the Christmas countdown is on but you can find the dream gifts just in time. The gifts that we suggested are guaranteed to make your favourite people smile. So get festive and throw it in the bag.

Merry Christmas and have a good day! 

Sparks Sunglasses

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How To Protect Yourself From #Fraud

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Fraud Prevention Tips

Christmas is coming and everyone is rushing around like headless chickens looking for lavish and special gifts for their loved ones, BUT that's not all.

Christmas is coming and it seems like as soon as the Christmas trees, decorations, ugly Christmas jumpers and the stockings come out of hiding, so do the sneaky little Fraudsters. WHAT A SHAME! BUT Sparks is here to save the day and to save your bank account with useful tips.

We have some trusty information, tips and advice from HSBC - a very trustworthy and internationally known bank. The goal here is to keep you and your money safe during the Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year period, but also beyond.

Read the tips below and make sure you share them with your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Fraudsters don't care who they target!

*Keep all of your security codes a secret (NEVER share your secure key or codes and pins with anyone)

*Your bank will NOT call you and ask you for any personal/ confidential information

*Your bank will NOT send you emails or texts asking you to verify your account details or your login credentials

*Make sure your bank has your new contact details to ensure that they are able to alert you when necessary i.e. unusual activity on your account.

*Please be aware that fraudsters lie, they are VERY tricky and can disguise themselves as your bank or financial institution in many ways (on the phone and via unsolicited texts and emails)

*DO NOT give anyone access to your online banking or online payment methods (If anyone asks you for it, they are trying to access your account)

*DO NOT transfer money/ pay by bank transfer (outside of the website) to anyone, they may not be credible sellers

*Use your debit, credit card or PayPal for online payments so you benefit from the Visa Purchase Protection in case something unfortunate happens i.e. fraud, loss and theft

*You can also be targeted by fraudsters who use other agencies that are supposed to be trustworthy, such as HM Revenue/ IRS, DVLA, DMV or the police.

*Be aware of EXTREMELY CHEAP items that seem too good to be true. They are usually scams or fake/ knock offs.

*For BIG purchases, make sure you see the item and verify that it is genuine and worth the money before parting with your hard earned cash.


Be on the look out, don't be naive and DO NOT BE FOOLED! Protect yourself from online purchase scams and from having your personal information phished at all costs. You don't want Christmas and New Years celebrations to be cancelled because a criminal got access to your bank account and your money. Don't share any information and go straight to your bank (call or go to a local branch) if you suspect there is an issue. Safety first, always.

Sparks Sunglasses

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Are you ready for winter?

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Winter Is Coming!

Yes, you read that right, Winter is coming and there is nothing we can do about. We can't go back in time to Summer, we can't fast forward three months to Spring, so we just have to get ready for it. The official start of Winter in the United Kingdom is also known as the Winter Solstice and it's set to begin on December 22nd 2019. We just have to get ready for it, because it's currently Autumn and it's already freezing cold.

So, this is a really quick blog because we just want to give you a Winter Checklist.

We want to make sure you're ready... Isn't that helpful of us?

Make a note of all the things you don't have and head out this week to get it.

*Scarf - A long thermal one to warp around your upper body and ribs.

*Hat - Preferably a fluffy beanie hat that covers your ears.

*Gloves - Fingerless and normal gloves. You can also get the ones that allow you to interact with your smart phone.

*Mittens - If they're your style get some.

*Sunglasses - A pair of Sparks Sunglasses, because even in the winter, you need sunglasses

*Socks - Thick socks, knee high socks, just socks and more socks. Don't you just hate cold feet?

*Natural oils - It's an absolute must that you moisturise your skin in the winter, you can also burn the oils for a relaxing atmosphere.

*Vitamins - Increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrition to promote and build up your immune system. 

*Furry hand muffs - These are not only warm, their stylish too.

*Sparks Sunglasses - It may be winter, but the sun still shines and you still need to protect and love your eyes.

*Hot Water Bottle - This item has literally saved my life every Winter for a countless amount of years. Get one in a cosy patterned case.

*Ear muffs - When the cold gets in your ear, you get an ear ache, so cover your ears and stay warm in style.

Last but not least...

*A long winter coat down to your knees - It's just that. You need a knee left coat. The cold is coming!!!

Prepare for Winter, get ready for the chills and repel the flu at all costs. If I have forgotten anything, leave a comment to help us out.


Sparks Sunglasses: Rosabelle Selection

I hope this helps, because Winter in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada is no joke. Let's get ready to face the cold together. 


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